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  • Bug Fixing Update 26/10/14
    eWURF3 is a major update to the previous version, so we are still developing the web app. You may still come across the odd bug. We will fix these as soon as possible!

    We have been hunting down a number of pesky bugs reported to us recently. We have identified the cause and updated eWURF. We hope to have caught them all, but if you spot anymore please tell me which browser you are on, what your login email is and what you were doing when the bug arose. Email to: Many Thanks
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  • eWURF Version 3 - Updated 18th Oct 2014
  • Ability to prioritise Actors, Tasks and Functional Requirements via a new drag and drop UI
  • Email your requirements document
  • Sync your requirements document with Dropbox
  • App iteration tracking
  • Version control and contribution tracking on Functional Requirements
  • Ability to restore a previously deleted Functional Requirement
  • Data Sync to New sister App - AlphaTest - Automatically generate test cases from your Functional Requirements - Ready mid Dec 2014, sorry we are running late :(
  • New Colour Theme
  • New Messaging system
  • Usability enhancements (less clicking/selecting needed!)
  • Numerous performance enhancements so that screens load faster
  • Welcome All Student on Teesside University Courses Worldwide
  • Teesside University main campus
  • Botho University
  • HKIT
  • Londontec
  • Prague College
  • Southern College
  • Middlesbrough College
  • Darlington College
  • Stockton Riverside College
  • This Web App is the work of Dr Andrew Bingham, School of Computing, Teesside University, United Kingdom
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